Our Mission

The Interactive Learning Center is committed to improving visual-spatial understanding for learners from preschool into adulthood. Individuals who find visual-spatial problem solving difficult may have challenges in one or more areas of learning, such as math, reading, writing, executive functioning, transitioning from one event to the next, understanding social cues, and regulating their attention to the tasks at hand. We work one-on-one with students and their families to support their visual-spatial foundations for learning.

The Interactive Learning Center’s methodology is inspired and informed by systemic theorists and practitioners in the fields of human development and learning. We work with the whole person, placing each one at the center of the therapeutic interaction. Our developmental learning specialists use a multi-modal, developmental hierarchy of visual spatial skill building activities. With the just right levels of challenge, combined with the language of wonder and curiosity, students at all levels are encouraged to develop problem-solving skills, experience ‘aha’ moments, and consolidate new understanding.

Our goal is to support each individual in their ability to confidently confront new learning challenges with the knowledge and experience of their ability to think critically and to find learning meaningful.

“My son loves Puzzle School. He likes to do all of the activities that you do here!”

~Parent of a 7 year old child