Getting started


Initial Phone Consultation:

For information about our program and the needs of your child or the individual seeking support, please contact Andra Munger either by email or phone at:


Phone: 781.860.0550


An initial evaluation assesses a student’s ability to problem solve with a variety of cognitive tasks. The evaluation is about 90 minutes long and is designed to identify a client’s cognitive strengths and vulnerabilities. A 30-minute conference follows the evaluation to discuss the client’s cognitive profile.

The initial purpose of the evaluation is to determine whether or not our Interactive Learning program is optimal for a particular client. Secondly, the cognitive development evaluation identifies an individual’s learning strengths and challenges in order to create an Interactive Learning program that is specifically designed to address his or her cognitive profile and learning needs.


The Interactive Learning program is intensive and requires a minimum of two, 50-minute sessions per week at our office. Our program requires home practice that includes three days each week of 15 to 20 minutes per day of movement exercises.

The Interactive Learning sessions focus on developing cognitive abilities in the areas of need identified during the evaluation and organized according to each student’s learning challenges. During the sessions, the therapist works directly with the client and assists the client, and/or the parents with the language of problem solving and other details of their home practice.